Figure Competition

To a make a successful break-in into the biz, figure models often start by joining a figure competition. The competition can help them make a good name for themselves and even catch the eye of a good agent who can get them some modeling stints.

Joining a figure competition

A figure competition is also a type of fitness contest. But compared to fitness competitions, there's no need to have daunting muscles and overly trimmed body parts. Instead, the contest focuses more on the symmetry or proportion of the body. The show includes contestants walking on their high heels while wearing their swimsuit. They often start with a one-piece swimsuit, walking across the stage while making quarter-turns to highlight their best assets. Aside from symmetry, judges also consider how they present themselves and also judge their overall appeal with the way their hair and make-up were done, along with other aesthetic qualities.

The next round will have them showcasing their two-piece swimwear on high-heeled shoes. The high-heeled shoes allow for a sexier and dramatic walk across the stage while they make their quarter-turns. With the two-piece swimwear, judges can see more clearly their body conditioning and leanness. Though sporting an athletic body, contestants don't necessarily have to be all brawn. They still have to look feminine and attractive. The panel then makes comparisons and scores the models based on certain criteria. These often include confidence, poise, and overall presentation.

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Unlike other fitness categories, figure models don't usually have to undergo the routines round where they are asked to
perform athletic routines or showcase their bodybuilding achievements.

Different competitions have their own set of rules and conditions. You might want to check on them to see if you are
qualified and choose which figure competition is best suited for you. Among the contests you may want to participate in are the Figure International in the IFBB arena and Figure Olympia. There are competitions in the local and national level. After having won several local figure contests, you may want to move on to world competitions to gain more exposure and perhaps be featured in a renowned health or sports magazine.

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Tips for the contestants

Even if they're already lean and fit, contestants shouldn't rest easy and simply wait for the day of the contest. Certain
preparations should be done to up the winning chances. These include getting into the right workout plan to address problem areas and maintain the level of fitness. This should be coupled with a well-balanced diet that will make the body look healthy, trim, and active. A well-balanced diet can also let you enjoy a healthy-looking skin.

Other contestants can be just as fit as you are or even better. What you can do is to focus on your projection. Remember that the contest is not just about fitness but also about grace or how you present yourself before the judges. Learn to strike a pose. Practice the quarter-turns in a way that the judges and audience will see clearly the assets you want to emphasize. To get into the full combat mode, prepare yourself mentally. Do not focus on your rivals but your own strengths. When you know what to expect and how to charm the audience with your winning form, you'd be more confident to present yourself and win the title.

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