Figure Modeling

Figure modeling is a good alternative for those who are a little short to make it to the fashion world but do have a great bod to show off. Unlike mainstream modeling, women don't necessarily have to be extremely thin to consider a career in this field. Figure modeling is open to more body types and shapes. The emphasis is given more on the symmetry and proportion. Combined with good looks and engaging personality, figure models can win a competition or two or make their instant claim to fame by being featured in illustrated magazines.

Success in this field, however, does take a lot of work. Here are some tips for aspiring figure models:

Keeping your body in great shape

Even figure models themselves may have a hard time maintaining their picture-perfect shape. They may gain weight or lose time to keep up with their training program. And so, they need to enlist the help of a trainer and get advice on the proper diet plan. You can never be too confident with your figure. Remember that you have to work hard to maintain your tip-top shape, so whenever there's an opportunity for competition or photo shoot, you can be confident enough to grab the chance.

There are misconceptions about keeping fit. One is that some figure models tend to overwork themselves and eat less. While you must maintain your weight, you must not deprive yourself of good nutrition. You also shouldn't overwork yourself and make sure that the routines you're having are balanced with your nutritional intake.

One good way to resolve this is to make your own journal. This will help your trainer pinpoint some training deficiencies. It will also help if you will get into sports and other activities, such as kickboxing and hiking, that fit your fitness requirements. Being a figure model means being passionate about fitness and health. This is a way of life for some.

Being confident about how you look

There's bound to be new faces every now and then, and this can be a threat to your budding career as a model. However, you shouldn't let competition pull you down. Instead of focusing on what others have, think of your own strengths. Work on your problem areas and learn how to flaunt your best assets in front of the camera or audience. Take things one step at a time.

Practice in front of a large mirror and see how you can make good pictures and show your best sides. If wearing a swimsuit or any attire, see how you can make them look like their second skin. Strike a pose and make different angle shots.

As with any modeling job, how you present yourself does make a big difference how people will also view you as a model. Without confidence and obvious determination, you won't come out as a strong candidate for the much-coveted modeling career.