Fitness Competition

Joining a fitness competition means that you are confident enough to show your winning form in front of the large audience. Unlike bodybuilding competitions, a fitness contest focuses less on muscle size. Contestants don't have to be too muscular to join and win the contest. Instead, they must have a well-toned body. Despite the difference, the competition can be part of large bodybuilding events.

There's only a small difference between fitness and figure contests. One of them is the absence of the routine round in figure competitions.

Guide to events in fitness competitions

Typically, you have two events to prepare for: the swimsuit and routine round. The swimsuit round allows the judges and the audience to see the fitness of the contestants while wearing their one-piece and two-piece swimsuits. They walk across the stage wearing high-heeled shoes and present themselves before the audience through a series of poses, showing their toned body parts in quarter- or half-turns. Technically, fitness is measured by having a smaller muscular mass and leanness. G-strings and thongs are not allowed in these competitions.

The routine round can be the harder part of the two events. This requires physical training beyond poise and confidence. The participants have to perform any of the following: dance, aerobics, gymnastic routines, or any athletic performance. The participants are judged based on their physical fitness, agility, poise, confidence, and winning form.

Based on these two categories, the panel will make comparisons and give scores to each participant based on a set of criteria, which may vary per contest.

Different fitness competitions are held at different parts of the country. You can participate in the local level or national level, with more experience and titles under your belt. Just remember that each has a different set of rules. Some contests can be more advantageous for you than the others. Sponsored by different companies, this can be a good opportunity for you to get offers for modeling jobs or endorsements.

Currently, Fitness Olympia and the Fitness International are among the well-known fitness competitions.

Preparing for the fitness event

The common mistakes when entering the competition is that contestants only focus on their fitness but fail to practice how they'll present themselves to the audience. Fitness models, therefore, should learn how to strike a pose and appear confident. They should do it by emphasizing their best assets, say, their trimmed abs, toned shoulders, or their well-proportioned body. They should also choose the best routine for their skills, agility, form, and level of training.

In any contest, it's best to win the heart of the audience. So even if you don't grab the title, you can hope for offers from agents who have seen a potential in you to be a model.