Fitness Modeling

Who said that fitness modeling is not as rewarding as being a runway model? It is true that not all fitness models make the same bucks as supermodels of the fashion world. But some of them are far more successful than the others with their own TV shows, exercise and fitness training videos, and magazine spreads. With curves in the right places, fitness modeling offers more than just a few opportunities aside from winning competitions. Some models have become icons of fitness training and have become product endorsers themselves.

There are a lot of opportunities to explore in this business, once you've gained ground and made a name for yourself. You can be an author of your own book about health or fitness, be the cover of a sports mag or health journal, or even be a guest in TV shows. More successful fitness models have made their own diet and training programs and declared themselves as fitness gurus.

Here are some of the most successful:


This Dutch model has gained worldwide fame after competing in different competitions around the globe. In 2006, she claimed the top spot at the Dutch Nationals Figure Championships.

Carmen Garcia

If you've been reading FHM, Oxygen, American Curves, Low Rider, and Planet Muscle, you can't miss the name Carmen Garcia. Having graced these famous magazines, she's a beautiful face you're bound to remember. Her success, however, is not limited to her magazine spreads. The Spanish model also has her own line of sports wear.

Tiffany Yee

From cheerleader to dancer and fitness model, Tiffany Yee had her successful break in the industry after winning the 2008 Ms. Fitness USA pageant. A mother of three, Tiffany's well-toned physique and high-class beauty drove her to fame despite her age and status.

Succeeding in the business

Physical fitness is not the only requirement for success in this biz. Some have dabbled in different fields using their remarkable personality and body shape to get a share of the mass audience. The journey, however, is not an easy one for most of them. They didn't win fitness competitions at one try. Some have joined a dozen events before they made their first real win. Some of the successful fitness models were not born with bodies to die for. It took them years to sculpt their bodies and achieve their goals. This meant getting rid of junkies and keeping to their diet program.

Aside from joining competitions, some were fortunate enough to get themselves good agents. Their agents signed them up for different modeling jobs in print and TV. Some were even cast to be part of a music video, gaining ground for their eventual success. Having a gorgeous body featured in men's magazines and fitness journals allowed some to venture into show business and land themselves some roles, no matter how small. These are just some of the opportunities available to fitness models.